So the most important feature of apps is easy onboarding if we must say it. It makes it most crucial for you to streamline logging into your eCommerce app via simply inputting their email address or via external accounts such as Facebook or Google. You can also allow users to sign up using their mobile numbers by verifying them with a one-time password. Easy onboarding feature integration will always return higher conversion rates and increased sales. If you want to learn more about what exactly eCommerce is and how it can benefit your business in the long run, you can try reading this article on eCommerce by us. Other great examples of mobile apps done by custom mobile app development and react native framework may be seen in one of our recent blog posts.

The app’s UX should be able to simplify the entire purchase journey of the users. Any complexity or delays while using the app can cause your users to move to a more user-friendly app. It can be pretty exhausting for the developers to match the app with the brand’s website, and here synchronization helps greatly, saving a lot of time and effort. The synchronization feature makes automatic changes in the app on the website, preventing the developers from doing the same work twice.

Order summary, status and tracking options to keep the users informed

A study found that a product’s visual representation, mainly via pictures and videos, positively influences consumers’ purchase intentions. For example, if a consumer searches for pencils on your website, AI will suggest erasers and papers under the “People also searched for” tab. A few solutions also enable you to advertise marketing campaigns like deals of the week, upcoming sales and discounted products on the search bar.

  • Ideally, these menus are placed high up on each page in an easy-to-find place.
  • We can always consult you on the best options taking into consideration all your wishes and needs.
  • If you’re looking to design an eCommerce website but aren’t sure which feature to get, look no further.
  • But choosing the technology is only the first step to designing the top-notch e-commerce mobile app.
  • To streamline the shopping experience, online stores often allow customers to switch devices and access their products seamlessly.

Offering some kinds of loyalty rewards, your app can attract more than 80% of mobile shoppers. Their willingness to spend online results in about 12% of all retail purchases worldwide made on the Internet. This adds up to almost 2.85 trillion U.S. dollars from global e-retail sales. At Intelvision, we offer an outsourced dedicated development team to drive your business growth.

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That is because live chats save their time waiting on the phone or for an email answer. You can manage more than one customer at a time with its help what makes the work of your business more efficient. The Intelvision team suggests using live chat features for all our customers. Such software may even provide instant message replies, which are stored in your knowledge database .

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

The main benefit is that they eliminate the need for coding expertise. An easy-to-use interface allows content creators and writers to manage a website’s content without assistance from website developers. The eCommerce software of your choice should help you design websites with SSL certification and SSAE 18 encryption. It helps fend off online attacks and attempts to hack your database. You can no longer optimize your desktop experience to fit on a mobile screen and package it as m-commerce. You must design bespoke landing pages and ensure they load quickly on mobile devices.

Livestream shopping

First and foremost, it is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress, the most popular free CMS platform on the planet. WooCommerce is an excellent choice for smaller-budget companies and start-ups, but really shouldn’t be considered an enterprise-level solution. While it is possible to build a great WooCommerce site, it probably makes more sense to invest in a different platform if you’re looking for enterprise-level solutions. Because it’s essentially a plugin for WordPress, many of the typical benefits of WordPress apply to WooCommerce. But, for scalability, security, and frankly, to be taken seriously, you probably want to look elsewhere. In this day and age, consumers are using their mobile phones more and more to shop and interact with brands online.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

It’s no longer good enough to just offer credit and debit card payment options. With app and mobile especially, digital payments are key – Apple Pay and Google Pay, PayPal all make for quick and convenient payment experiences for mobile users. Be sure to use a payment provider that can support multiple currencies and international payments. The success in mobile E-Commerce has led to the creation of mobile apps and platforms in recent times.

Detailed product descriptions for informed purchase decisions

Providing excellent customer service is a must for every eCommerce business. This way, you can win users over, earn brand loyalty and maintain your customer base. Your final choice will depend mainly on the country you operate in and the type of package you want to ship. If possible, also try to introduce eco-friendly delivery solutions – such an option will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by customers. We all read user reviews, believe them and support our customer choices based on other users’ opinions. For that reason, positive feedback can contribute to boosting your in-app sales.

Top outstanding features for an eCommerce app

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