Listen up, I got some legal knowledge to drop, anti-protest laws in the UK, gotta know when to stop.

Colorado residency requirements, they ain’t no joke, understand the guidelines, or you might go broke.

Ever heard of levy tax, it’s a legal thing, don’t relax, gotta know the facts.

From Sealy law tag number to tenancy agreement in Nigeria, gotta stay smart, don’t be a fool, gotta follow the legal rule.

Open carry laws in California, better know the deal, before you start to tote and conceal.

Got weird laws in Ontario Canada, trust me it’s true, gotta stay legal, don’t wanna be blue.

At the Austrian embassy in Abuja, they’ll help you out, make your docs legal, ain’t no doubt.

Got the Australian consumer law cooling off period, legal rights in rhyme, gotta know the time.

And if you’re into 9th edition 40k core rules, gotta be in the know, ain’t no time for legal lows.

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