Finding the perfect job as a recent graduate or pre-MBA isn’t an easy feat. After you have sent in your resume and cleared the initial screenings you will be questioned numerous questions about your background along with your experience and abilities. One of the most important interviews you’ll have is with an investor who will decide whether or not to invest in your business idea. Being prepared for these interviews can assist you in preparing for your interview and obtain the funds you need to help make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur reality.

How big do you see the market for your product?

This question is a means for the investor to gauge the potential for your business. They’ll want you explain how large the market for your products or services is, and how you intend to take advantage of it. Be real and realistic in your projections.

What do you think are the Main Risks and Challenges For Your Business?

Investors are interested in hearing what you are planning to do to overcome these challenges. Making a plan for the future will prove that you are confident in your ability to grow the business and make it successful.

Do some research on the investor prior to your interview. This will give you a clearer idea of their interests, what kind of companies they’ve backed before and how they like to collaborate with entrepreneurs. You can also find interviews they’ve done in print or online, where they discuss their investment principles and the characteristics they are looking for in a business.

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